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About Us

GOXTOON is a visual content company.
We develop ideas into creative works that appeal to the target audience.
We specialize in (but are not limited to) action, comedy, and thriller webtoons especially popular with male readers.

Our Recent Projects

Take a look at our recent projects!

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Our IP Partners

We have many Intellectual Property (IP) partners you can collaborate with.
From distribution, licensing and adaptation, to managing social media campaigns, we’ve got you covered.
We provide everything you need to boost your business!


Originals, Project management, Assistance, Client services, Adaptation

Turning our IP into your products

We help clients to run marketing campaigns aimed at anime, manga, webtoon, K-pop community-based audiences.



(PT Gebrakan Olah Kreatif Swasembada)

Jl. A. Yani Utara, RiverSide Blok D/390, Balearjosari, Blimbing, Kota Malang, Indonesia, 65126



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