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The Fallen Voyceme


The Fallen


Story: Jordan Troche

Art: GOXTOON Studio

Release: January 14th, 2022

Summary: A boy watches his mother die at the hands of his own father. The Fallen Angel King, Azazel. Filled with rage his angelic power that lies dormant in his blood awakens. A dark cloud of death begins to crawl across the world as Azazel begins his genocidal war against humanity. The boy trains with a mentor to learn how to hunt the monsters that lurk in the dark. Can he harness his dark power in hopes of doing some good with it and free the world from his father's grasp?


Linked Soul


Story: MAS Hiro

Art: MAS Hiro, GOXTOON Studio (Final Season)

Release: December 4th, 2021


“I was hunted, hunted in ignorance”.


Surabaya, 2025. The year where many cases of missing people and the cause is unknown. 

In this city, an alien woke up without memory and her head was hunted for 10 billion rupiah. One day, he met Rakai, a boy who was looking for traces of his mother.

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My Werewolf System

Publisher: Bilibili Comics

by: JKS Manga

Colors: GOXTOON Studio (starting from episode 7)

Release: July 23th, 2021

Summary: [You have 5 days until the next full moon] [Your bloodlust is increasing] A world full of a new breed of humans called the Altered, a mixture of man and beast where Gangs rule the streets. With his new found powers and a system to guide him the lone wolf... is about to go on a hunt!


Just a Goblin

Publisher: WEBTOON Originals

by:  Brandon Chen , Jksmanga & Inuupen

Coloring: GOXTOON Studio

Release: September 15th, 2022


For centuries, adventurers have slaughtered monsters for sport and hunted goblins for their body parts and linens. But why? This is the question, Nog, the goblin inventor, has been trying to answer. After accidentally unlocking an arcane power that allows Nog to "level up" and grow in strength, he finally discovers the confidence to chase the answer to his question. Nog will set on a perilous quest across the world with his best friend, Gubble, to discover why humans hunt goblins! Can monsters and adventurers live in peace?

Hostring Puppet


Hostring Puppet

Produced by: GOXTOON

Story: MAS Okis

Art: MAS Hiro

Release: July 31th, 2022

Summary: After ages of fighting... finally, the human and the monster tried to make peace.


God Game



Line Art Assistance: GOXTOON Studio

Coloring Assistance: GOXTOON Studio

Background Assistance: GOXTOON Studio

Release: April 15th, 2021


Reiyan Asura, if that is his real name, awakens in a void, bound by chains. He doesn't remember who he is or how he arrived in this world of white. Little does he know, he's been entered with millions of others in a twisted game where only the strongest prevail. Reiyan is anything but strong, but does he have a buried secret that can help him survive?

Welcome to the God Game. Prove your worth or die entertaining Him.

God Game Voyceme
Cover RW w title.png




Story: KaneRatan

Art: GOXTOON Studio

Release: March 2022


If the best years of your life were behind you, would you go back to them? Recent college graduate Shuyuka laments his empty future until, one day, he discovers a pair of glasses that takes him back in time ten years. With his knowledge of the future, and the help of his younger self, Shuyuka rewrites the life he had to suffer through— starting by saving his mother from an untimely death.




Story: Camposleg

Art: GOXTOON Studio

Release: February 3rd, 2022

Summary: They say it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill, but for Nero Ermen and the citizens of Potentia that saying carries much more weight. In a world where your talent can manifest itself into a Mastery, it’s up to our hero, Nero Ermen, to fully master his abilities in order to uncover the truth behind the government and his powers.

Mastery Voyceme
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